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Axl Rose voted the greatest lead singer of all time

Axl won a poll on MusicRadar that asked the site’s visitors who the Greatest Lead Singer Of All Time was.

Tuesday 7 December 2010, by blueheart

Here’s the Top 10 as voted by the visitors:

1. Axl Rose 2. Freddie Mercury 3. Robert Plant 4. Ronnie James Dio 5. John Lennon 6. Bruce Dickinson 7. Thom Yorke 8. Kurt Cobain 9. Matt Bellamy 10. Paul McCartney

The public have spoken, and we can’t think of a more contentious choice for the greatest lead singer of all time. Forget the moustachioed, cornrowed croaking caricature of recent years and think back to the late 1980s. Axl Rose: dangerous, lean, angry, confrontational, controversial; the hotheaded, horny ginger stepchild of Steven Tyler and Robert Plant, a born rock star who made being fashionably late a lifestyle choice and started riots in the process.

In his autobiography, Slash recounts his first encounter with that legendary voice: “Izzy brought me a tape of his band… it sounded like they were playing deep inside a jet engine. But through the static din, way in the background, I heard something intriguing, that I believed to be their singer’s voice. It was hard to make out and his squeal was so high-pitched that I thought it might be a technical flaw in the tape. It sounded like the squeak that a cassette makes just before the tape snaps – except it was in key.” Listen: Guns N’ Roses–Rocket Queen


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