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Axl’s letter on Twitter - updated

Wednesday 17 February 2010, by blueheart

On Wednesday 17th February 2010, @axlrose said:

Correction: In rereading I realized I addressed the clothing nonsense as soon as I was made aware not when it 1st happened, my bad. I tend to avoid media n’ the net when touring so as not to have whatever negative nonsense or those tryin’ 2 stir trouble interfere w/either the show or time needed elsewhere in prep as well as other GNR business. Too much goin’ on to b throwin’ sand in some idiot’s sandbox. Also my comments aren’t based on these relatively minor issues they go a fair way back w/each of those mentioned n’ unfortunately several others. We aren’t lookin’ 4 free rides or handouts, give those to those u been but if ya wanna play nice we can too in fact we’d love to. Can’t say we didn’t make the effort. Peace!!


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