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Bumblefoot & Buckethead at the 20 greatest shred guitarists of all time

The shredders who’ve defined the genre over the years

Wednesday 15 June 2011, by blueheart

# 4 - Ron Thal

Best shred moment: Guitars Suck

Having released several albums under the moniker Bumblefoot, Brooklyn-based shredder Ron Thal took over the Guns N’ Roses guitar spot in 2006, replacing Buckethead. A master of almost every aspect and style of guitar playing you can name, Thal is most notable for his playing with a thimble worn on the fourth finger of his picking hand, which he uses to tap notes above and beyond the 24th fret with amazing accuracy.

# 16 - Buckethead

Best shred moment: Jump Man

‘Buckethead’, as finger-lickin’ fretmeister Brian Carroll prefers to be called, is probably most famous for his tenure with the second incarnation of Guns N’ Roses. His enigmatic style was first heard on solo album Bucketheadland (1992) and he has released over 30 albums since! His track Jordan is said to be the most feared track by players of Guitar Hero II. Maybe his extraordinary talents have something to do with being brought up by chickens…


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