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December 2008


I don't care what the ingrates think or say.
...whatever you guys touch, do, or sing
...turns to quadruple Platinum to your true fans.
...What a breath of fresh air. Thanks you guys.
...Don't you ever stop rockin you guys.
...we need you out here.
...just keep puttin your hearts of platinum into it.
....persistance eventually kicks all windows down.
...Keep on rockin in the free world!
...Excellent Title.
...Bound to make a difference.
....a seed needs time to grow, Brohams.
You can call me, ...Jimmy.

November 2008


The first song i ever heard was sweet child of mine the first song i fell in love with was rocket queen 'all i ever wanted was for you to know you that i care' your lyrics have been the only comfort hope or guidence in my life my father died when i was 14 and my gram died when i was 22 scince then i only had your words to get me through this life thank you for being such a down to the facts even if it hurts real man of God and true to how you believe no matter what. I was at my wits end felt like I was sure to loose my soul that I was wrong all along believing I was not the person I was and feeling so alone when lo and behold on the sound track end of days was a new gnr song and when at last I finally got a look at that soundtrack after trying for months my knees went weak I know I never felt anything so much in my life the title said it oh my god is right and the words you saved my life once again i know you are my lifes one thin thread of truth and just last week i was saying if this time c.d. didn't come out that i was going to give up and have to settle for ivan and f.f.d.p.! i was so full of hope and relief when i hear the emotion and scream that i waited so long to hear and you are the most moving artist you feel every bit of the way your my lifes only thing thats been there for me. Thanks for being the same axl always I know your a messenger from the God thats to be believed.

October 2008


Hello. Well I see alot of people begging for the reunion. Alot of my friends, all of whom grew up with Appetite as the soundtrack to our young lion days, want it, people who were children, or infants, when the original band broke up want it, the music industry is DESPERATE for it. The original band members want it, more than likely.

I don't want it.
I like the new stuff and I like to let artists grow and I like to grow with them. I enjoy Velvet Revolver and I respect Axl. Follow your heart because if you don't you'll always wish you had. I first got turned onto to GNR when a friend of mine from LA mailed me a cassette tape of them. It turned out to be Live like a Suicide, before it was released. I played it for my friends and they all thought it sucked. Axl in particular sucked they thought. I thought the tape was a revelation. It changed my life. My local record store ended up getting the record, which I of course bought and saw the band for the first time after a initial write up in Hit Parader. Axl had my hairdo. I had it because, well maybe the same reason Axl had it, I have pin straight hair and that was all I could get it to do. And I wore a bandana, not because Axl wore one but because Shang Chi, the master of Kung fu had one. Well, then came the British 4 cut album, more magazine covers, Kerrang comes to mind. And because I was rocking that do before Axl had hit over here on the east coast and certainly before he had hit in my hometown, well, I was getting alot attention. I wasn't bitching. I started dating this chick who ran a record store. I was a senoir in High School. She was twenty Four and just wicked to look at.? She had a friend who did sound for Dokken and a bunch of other groups. She knew all kinds of people. She found out Guns was coming to Providence to play The Living Room. I was underage but we got in and I got to meet Duff and Slash before the show. Talked to Duff for a while about Johnny Thunders and the Dolls and just really enjoyed his company. He was very cool. Met Izzy for a moment. Axl came walking off the bus with a girl on each arm. He sauntered over to a window where my girl was sitting and jumped up to pinch her ass. He came inside and was very cool to speak with. Though we didn't talk much. He had his arms full. Nonetheless I told him I was pounding the pavement with their music trying to turn the east coast ,(OK, CT. and R.I.), onto the music that was essentially my lifeline at the time.

He said
"That's cool Man, Thanks." shook my hand and moved on with the ladies. When Guns took the stage in was like a category 5 hit. They were every thing I thought they'd be plus. Hanoi Rocks with a dash of good Metallica. After the show Duff told me they were headed for The Paradise in Boston. I was there. Then NYC for the whole MTV press thing and the show at the Ritz. I was there. Then they headed out with Motley and I couldn't keep up, financially, but I've caught them almost everytime they've been back this way and never been disappointed. Even the time they cancelled. Whe the original band fell apart Hell yeah, I was bummed. Hurt even. But eventually Axl started to seep out of the internet. New Music. I was nervous but after the first few chords and the first few lines I knew he was back. I felt fresh air enter me. I appreciate Axl's passion for what he does and it effects me deeply. I see through the same kind of prism. I'm not saying I'm like him. I just feel like I can relate to alot of what I hear in his lyrics and the way he chooses to deliver them. The raw emotion. He feels it deeply and sometimes people who feel deeply feel alone and can sometimes recognize it in when they see it somewhere else. He's an artist and our society today doesn't know what to do with artists. So I don't care who he's playing with, as long as he's digging it and bringing it.
Bring it Axl. We're waiting. God bless you Bro.

September 2008

gusty guns

HI !!!!

August 2008


Hi, my name is Shirley and I'm from Manaus. I've 45 years old and I love Axl (and off course, his band) for so long that I can't remember. This music changes my life and made me a better human be. I was depressed and my ex-husband has abuse me when I saw "Don't you cry" for the first time. I was really shock because I didn't understand what the letters says but was touching my soul makes me fell comforts. So, I stopped to cry, wash away the tears and change my way of life. Since that night, Axl being in my prayers…Later, I ready about his Brazilian mother, Beta, and start to pray to her too. I wish all the good lucks to the new album. Some gossip tells that GNR will make a concert in Manaus, if this is true, Will be the must happiest day of my life! If you (who are reading this) can, make Axl ready that to make he knows how important he is in my life, and thanks to him to do something so beautiful like his music. I don't understand English so I ask to my niece to write this and to sometime translate the lyrics of GNR. Please answering my note, I will check my e-mail every day! God bless you and your family. With love, Shirley. Axl,Salen.

August 2008


AXL you need a haircut... an updated one. If you want to be a hit once more you need to get rid of the hair. You are a handsome man and the braids make you look outdated... Please look into it. I can already see you in the cover of rollinstones Rocker hot guy with a upadated hair cut.... no braids please its such a turn off...

August 2008


hello iam superb fans guns n roses,i like all of guns n roses music mostly civil war and patient....^__^ is my favorite song....

August 2008


i was like 7 years old when i heard paradise city on the mtv musci awards

and my mom got appetite at that time to so i was filled with guns n roses and axl rose love u axl

July 2008


Mail que j'espère vous transmettrez à qui de droit.
Ce mail pour t'exprimer toute la frustation que j'éprouve face à cette si longue attente. Fan de la premiàre heure de GNR, et toujours fan aujourd'hui 21 ans après, meme avec tous les bouleversements que le groupe a subi, je ne comprends pas pourquoi nous fans, nous qui t'avons porté et permis de durer aussi longtemps, nous devons attendre plus de 15 ans ce nouvel album. Pourquoi les chansons nous sont données au compte goutte sur Internet comme une simple aumone. J'espàre qu'il ne s'agit pas d'une opération marketing parce que nous, qui sommes toujours là, nous ne méritons pas ça de la part d'un groupe qui prone si bien aujourd'hui l'injustice envers les peuples. Car en effet, il s'agit bien, à un moindre degré évidemment, d'une injustice envers toutes ces personnes qui sont restées fidèles durant si longtemps et qui restent toujours scotchées à la moindre nouvelle sur les sites internet de référence (je dirais même à en devenir fou de la moindre nouvelle du groupe)
Non nous ne méritons pas tout cela.
Axl, je ne pense pas avoir une réponse à ce message mais cela m'aura au moins servi à me défouler 5 minutes! Nous sommes toujours ave toi

July 2008


the first time i hared guns n roses was 3 years ago and i was at a lacke in prescott airzano with a friend eating pizza!! and ill never forget that moment.!!!!love lorena pizano

July 2008


Hurry up already! I'm gonna be 43 on Aug. 11th & @ this rate I will be in a nursing home by the time you release it. Patience is not my best virtue, despite the poetic verse "all you need is patience", another great songwriter once said 'all you need is love" and that proved to be a joke, love is entirely overated and so is patience, at least I can take comfort in the fact that you are worth the wait! Axl\'s worth waiting for. Thanks for keeping guns n roses alive, as I am both estranged and disillusioned! much love, lisa

July 2008


Hello, I made a Guns n' Roses karaoke site can you add it to yours? Thanks Andries

July 2008


Hello, when did we start with Rock`N Roll again...?! Mitch

June 2008


hi the first time that i heard guns n roses i wes 12 years i was at school and the song was you could be mine and since the day that i listen that song i love guns n roses . i saw guns in mexico '92 and '93 now i live in u.s.a and isaw them 2 years ago they still rock but axl needs slash duff and matt maybe izzy cause i think gilbey deserve the opportunity to stay in guns but this is not going to happen soon so we have to wait to see the chinese democracy i heard a couple songs from the new disc it doesn't sound like gnr but axl deserve the chance to put the disc in the stores (for more than 12 million dollars ) fuck yea, i don't know what's going on with robin maybe he get tired to wait axl almost ten years and no fucking cd i dont know maybe trens offering a good thing i know robin rejoined nin only for touring but he doesn\\\'t know what he wants so robin please come back axl needs you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i heard a couple slash interviews and he say the he is waitin for a phone call from axl and tat's it to rejoin to gnr so axl please men stop being so stupid and ironic and call slash duff and matt said the same thy just waiting for axl

i have a lot of concerts frm gnr all the cd's t-shirts my son name is axl and my wife said that i love axl more than her she is crazy my two kids sing with me gnr songs all the time

so please axl we want to see chinese democracy sooon we be waitin more than a decade so its up to you

June 2008


hallo dear Axl! my boyfriend and i listen to your music from many years everyday. you are with us in our everyday life, in hard,difficult times and in beautiful days.thank you for your music!!!and sorry for my horrible english.we live in riccione,italy,and my boyfriend was at your concert, modena,1992.we have a dream: to meet you and to offer you some lyrics written by would be a dream if you would use them for your songs! yes, i'm crazy and i know i'm asking the impossible but,please, realize this dream.kisses.eleonora&lorenzo

May 2008


Axl is one of the all time greatest front men, up there with elvis, jim morrison, mic jagger, roger daltry etc, Saw him numerous times, last time in G'boro doing songs from this long awaited Chinese democracy. sounded great, well the sound man screwed up numerous times and sebastian bach gave him an earful and he was dead on, Was surprised Axl didnt go off on him, should have, oh well I am waiting patiently, keep me posted when its going to be released

April 2008


i went to see GNR in halifax nova scotia canada and the show was amazing.. blistering hot until the end .. the new guns really has a fuller sound now and axl still kicks ass.. best concert i seen in my life .. well worth the money .. thanx GNR and keep up the good work..

April 2008



March 2008


GNR kicks ass! and any band that has originated from GNR - like Velvet Revolver, Snake Pit, solo albums from Izzy, Gilby,Duff, I've heard bucket head's stuff - not really my thing. good job with the site... keep us posted even though the album was supossed to be released march 6th 2007 - do you guys have an explanation for that? The only answer i ever got was "Axl can do what ever he wants, he can release the album when ever he feels like." Is it true that there could possibly be a double or triple album release? They have enough material to do so... that's what i\'ve heard all of hese years.

March 2008


When I was in the second grade I faked being sick so I could watch the video

March 2008


When is the new release date for Chinese Democracy?

March 2008


Hello! I'm writing to let you know that we have released a String Quartet Tribute to Guns ‘n Roses “Sweet Child of Mine.” This song is available on our new album “The Rock ‘n' Roll Wedding Collection.” I think fans would be interested in hearing this version of the song and I was hoping you would help spread the word by posting a quick news item about it. You can check out more information and mp3 samples from the CD on our website: vitamin records The CD and individual songs are also available on iTunes.

March 2008


Just posted a video interview with Marc Canter who wrote a book on GNR. Lots of great insight into the band in the early years. interview guns n' roses the gauntlet It is a 45 min video interview so be prepared.

February 2008


My fiance died from alcohol withdrawal, I want to make a difference. November Rain was and is my favorite song. I never saw my life this way, grieving a love that is lost. Please help me in making a difference. This is my number, use it or lose it, whatever. xxx-xxx-xxxx. My fiance and I listened to you all the time. Help me heal my heart! Jen

February 2008


hello to you my friend axl rose im from my country phillippines

February 2008


Has this record come out yetI was hoping for this on my bithday in 2006 what is going on i love axl rose get it together man we are wating.

February 2008


Thought you might like this… video of Axl Puppet!!!!

February 2008


Can anyone get Axl to tell the fans what he is up to. We just want him to release sonething. Please tell him to stop acting like Tom Sholz

Jan 2008


i am a huge gnr fan and velvet reolver fan iv seen both live and they both were the best shows i ahve evr seen i just wanted to say i just read slash's book and it was fuckin amazing. Axl you need to get ur shit togther adn put some music out of fuckin sick of waiting it just makes me like VR more cause just like in slah's book you dick around and you arnt al about the fans. Just stop fuckin with people and put somestraight up kick ass rock n roll out we all know you have what it takes now prove it.

Jan 2008


What's the actual release date for Chinese Democracy?