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I've made my own Ultimate Live Era
Last post by bloch1
On 12/04/2014 08:48:17
Some shows i would like to request
Last post by bloch1
On 12/04/2014 08:44:59
Guns N' Roses - 2001-01-15 - Rock In Rio 3 - [Limulus]
Last post by Robcc
On 01/04/2014 21:22:21
GNR Live At Wembley Arena July 29th 2006
Last post by nightrained
On 28/03/2014 14:02:20
Guns N' Roses 1986-07-11 The Troubadour,Hollywood,California
Last post by zigzag
On 28/03/2014 09:53:20


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Name Guns N' Roses Live Rock In Rio 02 10 11 Rio DL-DVD-[Gunsguy]
Torrent Guns N' Roses Live Rock In Rio 02 10 11 Rio DL-DVD-[Gunsguy]
Info Hash 541fd2bc2eabeaa796016f77fbfa2e220c389bd6
Who thanks
Description Dual Layer DVD Guns N' Roses Live Rock In Rio 2011 02/10/11


1080i.ts @dime > Videoredo > eac3to > LOAS LATM to ADTS > tsmuxer > convertxtodvd > Womble easy dvd


Chinese Democracy
Welcome To The Jungle
It's So Easy
Mr. Brownstone
Richard Fortus Guitar Solo(James Bond Theme)
Live and Let Die
Rocket Queen
Instrumental Jam
This I Love
DJ Ashba Guitar Solo(Mi Amor)
Sweet Child O' Mine
Estranged(Played for the first time since 1993)
Dizzy Reed Piano Solo(Baba O'Riley by The Who)
Street Of Dreams
You Could Be Mine
Instrumental Jam(Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2)
November Rain
Bumblefoot Guitar Solo(Pink Panther Theme)
Knockin' On Heaven's Door


Paradise City


Well that took a bit of f-ing around, the original 1080i.ts file played fine on VLC but we could not do anything else with it as it is in a newer audio format of AAC HE (High Efficiency)used by broadcasts. I changed the streams to AAC LC (low complexity) in order to do the work I need to release this.

Thank you very much to Paul @DIME without his advice I would still be bashing my head against the wall trying many things that never worked.  I used over 20 programs to try and get that audio all failed until he explained a bit, with what he said and my own "fill in the blanks" I was able to get the audio and create a dvd.

Once converted my first thought was convertxtodvd, tried this 5 times and everytime the chapters were messed up, and in Womble easy dvd I could not get the whole movie to show up *sigh*, so I ran it in convertxtodvd without chapters then took the result and built menus and chapters in Womble easy dvd. Worked slick as shit.

So thanks to TLS @ DIME for uploading the 1080i, Paul @ DIME for helping understand what the fuck was wrong and to all others who attempted to get these streams yet could not, thanks to everyone who offered help or support on this release.  WIthout those words of support I would have trashed the project the first night as it was a hard one.

I went for a Dual Layer to preserve as much as possible the quality of the 1080i, obviosly it is not the same as it is compressed but this is the best source for a dvd we have.  

Thanks to everyone involved and enjoy the DVD!

I will be uploading the audio streams in the hopes that we can get some Audio torrents and DVD Bluray etc, my job here is done I only intended to release a DVD, it is your turn!

Category GNR 2010 DVD
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Size 7.80 GB
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16 files
AddDate 14/10/2011
Uploader gunsguy
Speed 12.46 KB/sec
Down 385 times
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Luke_of_Mass .::. 23/03/2013 18.14.01
hi could someone seed this please? would love to get a copy. thanks!
SUB20 .::. 02/09/2012 03.23.51
Thanks for this one man and also thank you for all your hard work and for don't give up trying to author it !

I was on that show, I will be awesome to see it again on HD !

Best regards !
sickboy .::. 20/11/2011 18.51.51
this DVD has inserted the menu????
fabienmarlyns .::. 12/11/2011 10.53.48
merci beaucoup thank from france
carlniceboy .::. 06/11/2011 17.35.49
Thanks smile1.gif
jOZePh .::. 23/10/2011 07.05.35
Cover please.  smile1.gif
grupofb .::. 23/10/2011 03.03.40
grupofb .::. 23/10/2011 02.40.41
Foda demais.
grupofb .::. 23/10/2011 02.40.27
Foda demais.
grupofb .::. 23/10/2011 02.40.15
Foda demais.
grupofb .::. 23/10/2011 02.40.03
Foda demais.
grupofb .::. 23/10/2011 02.39.21
Foda demais.
grupofb .::. 23/10/2011 02.39.07
Foda demais.
grupofb .::. 23/10/2011 02.38.54
Foda demais.
grupofb .::. 23/10/2011 02.36.57
Foda demais.
grupofb .::. 23/10/2011 02.36.34
Foda demais.
grupofb .::. 23/10/2011 02.35.19
Foda demais.
grupofb .::. 23/10/2011 02.34.32
Foda demais.
grupofb .::. 23/10/2011 02.34.19
Foda demais.
grupofb .::. 23/10/2011 02.34.02
Foda demais.
grupofb .::. 23/10/2011 02.33.49
Foda demais.
grupofb .::. 23/10/2011 02.33.35
Foda demais.
grupofb .::. 23/10/2011 02.33.08
Foda demais.
grupofb .::. 23/10/2011 02.32.49
Foda demais.
grupofb .::. 23/10/2011 02.28.48
Foda demais, muito obrigado.
Esse show foi do caralho.
satch78 .::. 19/10/2011 15.03.49
Good show, great sound and video, thak u
Ryan95 .::. 18/10/2011 18.50.56
how do you burn this? I tried imgburn but it said there was no layer break and it wouldn't reccomend burning it like this???? any help would be great
gunsguy .::. 15/10/2011 17.23.05
opps sorry, the other problem was that there are 2 sections for 2010 dvd and no 2011 sad.gif
JimBobTTD .::. 15/10/2011 16.28.10
It is too late to delete this, but please note our naming policy:

Band - YYYY-MM-DD - Venue, City, Country [Author]
mariogunner .::. 14/10/2011 19.40.09
you gave us what we were waiting for, thank you so much for your effort...

The BRay version must be awesome but this one sure be great too
wowy28 .::. 14/10/2011 18.39.42
thanx you for this version
Limulus .::. 14/10/2011 07.36.05
thanks a lot!! please let me work on the audio, will upload asap!!
jOZePh .::. 14/10/2011 06.30.18
Menu Cap?  confused.gif
gunsguy .::. 14/10/2011 06.22.45
Making cover this weekend, please check back
gunsguy .::. 14/10/2011 06.10.08
I may do it this weekend, not sure yet
gunsguy .::. 14/10/2011 06.09.05
It is possible, I just do not have the time for a bit, you could always download this and split into 2 and re-author menus
pdastoor .::. 14/10/2011 06.01.04
thank you, would it be possible to have a 2 dvd version. its still quite expensive to trade dvd9
gunsguy .::. 14/10/2011 05.29.32
This release on seedbox for high speeds! smile1.gif

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