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I've made my own Ultimate Live Era
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Some shows i would like to request
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On 12/04/2014 08:44:59
Guns N' Roses - 2001-01-15 - Rock In Rio 3 - [Limulus]
Last post by Robcc
On 01/04/2014 21:22:21
GNR Live At Wembley Arena July 29th 2006
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Guns N' Roses 1986-07-11 The Troubadour,Hollywood,California
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Torrent’s details
Name Guns N' Roses - 1991-01-23 - Rock In Rio, Brazil [Limulus]
Torrent Guns N' Roses - 1991-01-23 - Rock In Rio, Brazil [Limulus]
Info Hash c0759b08fd9aa10d78cb7affc144ef319ef72db3
Who thanks
Description Guns N' Roses

January 23, 1991 - Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazilian TV ("Vivo"wink.gif -> PAL-M VHS Master [Gradiente HQ T-120; recorded in LP Mode]
Video Transfer:
PAL-M VHS Master [LP Mode] -> Samsung SV-300W (= multinorm vcr; input: PAL-M settings / output: NTSC 3.58 settings, sharpness 45°)
-> SVHS out -> AudioQuest S-1 (cable) -> (SVHS in) Canopus ADVC-110 (NTSC US settings) -> Firewire -> DV/PC

Audio Transfer:
same above but with RCA out -> Black&White NF1202 (cable) -> (RCA in) Canopus ADVC-110 -> Firewire -> DV/PC

**Transfer on August 17, 2011**

**Torrented first November 16, 2011 on the GN'R tracker***
Setlist (58:22min):
Pretty Tied Up
Mr. Brownstone
I Was Only Joking / Patience
The Godfather-Theme [Intro]
Double Talkin' Jive
Welcome To The Jungle
Only Women Bleed [Intro]
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Matt Sorum-Drum Solo
You Could Be Mine
Civil War

TV-Reports (3:19min)

- editing out moderators and commercials
- image centering
- adding 4x Black borders
- adding 4% brightness
- audio: just normalizing, fading in/out
Video encoded @
LPCM (mono)

(Video) Bitrate Viewer ("show"wink.gif[1.5.054]:

(Video) Bitrate Viewer ("bonus"wink.gif[1.5.054]:

with menus and bonus = 4,32gb

- small Video Trouble in end of "Mr. Brownstone" / this is on 2 other versions aswell, must have been on the tv broadcast itself
- small Audio Volume Trouble in "Double Talkin' Jive"
- small Video Trouble in beginning of "Only Women Bleed" / this is on 2 other versions aswell, must have been on the tv broadcast itself
- Pro: no mods, no commercial, video/audio outmaxed, nicer colors and most less ghosting than on any other versions
- Cons: recorded in LP mode, looks a little washed. but it also took more than 20 years to find, get and transfer an actual vhs master properly.
- tv broadcast has been incomplete

Do you know where you are?
You're in the jungle, the Rio De Janiero jungle, baby!

Guns N' Roses jump started the Use Your Illusion Era in grand fashion
at the massive Rock In Rio Festival in January of 1991.
These two concerts occurred nearly EIGHT months before the epic
Illusion twins hit the street!
Despite the fact that Guns would be performing in front of 170,000
fans over two nights, with two NEW band members in tow,
the eccentric W. Axl Rose decided that his presence was not needed
during gig rehearsals.
In Axl's mind, the Rock In Rio performances were warm up gigs for the
mammoth two year world tour which would commence in May.
Dizzy Reed (keyboards) commented a few months later that his Rock In
Rio experience was "like a blur".
Matt Sorum (drums) also stated that these performances were his first
time drumming for Guns N' Roses with Axl on lead vocals.
Only a complete maniac would break in two new band members via a
globally televised "trial by fire" festival performance!

These two historic Rock In Rio concerts featured the worldwide debut
of soon to be GN'R classics such as Pretty Tied Up, Double Talkin'
Jive, Dead Horse, You Could Be Mine, Estranged, and the rarely
performed, Bad Apples.

While many considered the Rock In Rio '91 live sets to be sub par Guns
N' Roses performances, they have been wildly popular on the bootleg
circuit for over two decades!

In spite of the flaws of these early Illusion era concerts, this pro
shot video highlights a band which had briefly conquered the rock
This same gig also showcases a group that was on the verge of self

Within one year's time, rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin would jump ship.
By the winter of 1991, Guns would be weighed down by a traveling
circus of back up singers, and three piece horn section.

Axl's antics coupled with the ridiculously over the top Illusion Era
music videos would keep Guns N' Roses in the press for years!!

As they say, all good things must come to an end, so enjoy this
torrent of Guns N' Roses second performance at Rock In Rio.
You will likely never see this band live again...

November 16th, 2011

uns N' Roses had a brief run as the world's number one band. New
shows and upgrades from this historic hard rock era are few and far
between. If you have a rare GN'R recording or upgrade, please help
provide some joy to fans around the world by freely releasing it.

exspecially looking for
- Guns N' Roses Noblesville, Indiana 05.29.91 GEN1 Pro Shot 2DVD
- Guns N' Roses Saratoga '91 GEN1 screen shot 2DVD
Category GNR 1991 DVD
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Size 4.33 GB
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21 files
AddDate 17/11/2011
Uploader Limulus
Speed 2.57 KB/sec
Down 314 times
peers seeds: 0, leechers: 3 = 3 peers

Pancamo .::. 08/04/2014 21.52.32
crisgangrel .::. 31/12/2012 00.28.43
mogronator .::. 04/05/2012 02.33.54
Thanks!!!! I wanna download grin.gif
mogronator .::. 18/03/2012 18.09.08
Tank you I wanna download grin.gif
alexpanait .::. 15/03/2012 02.19.31
Anyone got a cover/artwork made for this?

jofgod1 .::. 19/02/2012 00.32.33
Thanks, this is the best of its time.confused.gif
ROCKER__ROSE .::. 19/12/2011 02.19.02
hey limulus this is a master piece thnaks to find this gem..!!!!smile1.gifwink.gif
kissero1977 .::. 10/12/2011 17.00.46
motlee .::. 27/11/2011 01.57.15
Thanks, great stuff!!
ripfinck .::. 22/11/2011 21.36.46
The best version of this show available
Tiagoguns .::. 19/11/2011 14.07.08
Steam .::. 19/11/2011 00.53.22
thanks a lot Limulus.
daikirri .::. 18/11/2011 14.14.42
yes indeed this version is really Better, take it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!smile2.gif
Limulus .::. 18/11/2011 14.00.01
get THIS version. IMO its the best quality of the 01/23/1991 show for now and also has all detailed info. the only version coming close or is about as good is the one from "greenpurple" or so (not sure the name right now). but this version here has higher video bitrates and LPCM audio + bonus etc.
Ryan95 .::. 17/11/2011 23.09.29
I have the 2 disk version of rock in rio 2 by southern cross, that version does not have civil war on it stops after YCBM. Should I just keep that with all the rehearsals or get this version?sleep.gif
daikirri .::. 17/11/2011 21.12.20
thank you very much !smile2.gif
Gunnershome .::. 17/11/2011 19.29.52
Thanks again for all time and joy to make this for us all!! THANKS MAN!grin.giftongue.gif
Limulus .::. 17/11/2011 19.26.27
i hope this one is correct now. i would recommend all to delete ALL the previous files as i had to change names, files etc.

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